Alexander Woytkiw

Founder | CEO

Alex Woytkiw is a literal veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. Before entering the media industry, Alex served as a multi-disciplined intelligence operator with Marine Special Operations where he deployed multiple times conducting strategic collection missions. With a main focus on the passive & active theory behind legacy and advanced collection techniques, Alex became certified by the NSA to target and refine critical information. As a founding partner of The Regiment, Alex now leverages big data and creative assets to generate online sales.

Adam Woytkiw


Adam Woytkiw is a literal veteran with the U.S. Marine Special Operations.  Adam underwent extensive physical and analytical training at the highest level.  Adam served 5 years and deployed multiple times in tactical and strategic theaters.  But now, Adam has a new mission, content creation and digital marketing.  He has worked with premiere brands and celebrities reinventing their social media approach to achieve a greater online presence through organic and authentic means.  His passion and commitment to convey meaningful content sets him apart from the conventional creative, putting him on the frontier of the digital landscape.

Davy Jones
Producer | Photographer

Michael Camacho
Producer | Videographer

Roderic Sterling
IT | Cyber Security

Ray Perez
FAA Drone Pilot

Jesus Saenz
Account Manager